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Which is the best cryptocurrency platform?

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

The million dollar question for any trader whether new or experienced. Some traders choose to stick to one platform that they are comfortable using while others create multiple wallets on multiple platforms. While the discussion on which platform is the best can take forever, lets focus and understand for now what makes a cryptocurrency trading platform stand out among the competition.

Security, authenticity and have a wide range of coins to trade, as well as a clear fee structure and a user friendly interface is all what any trader would ask for .

Authenticity and security

Conduct your research before signing up with any platform to determine whether you are signing up with a secure and a legitimate platform or not. Do not join the traders who lost billion to scammers and scam platform. Check reviews, ask industry experts and always check the security protocols they have in place to secure your data as well as your funds.

Method of transactions and purchase

Not all cryptocurrencies are purchased the same way among platforms. While some accept credit and debit cards others only accept bank transfers, PayPal or even the use of crypto to complete the purchase. It would be a great idea especially if for a new trader to pick a platform that accepts fiat currency, that will ensure a smoother experience as the trader enters the market

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Supported coins and tokens

While you might be looking for a platform that supports Bitcoin and Ethereum, you have to understand that there are thousands other cryptocurrencies that you can make money off by trading. Therefore, it is important to check the list of coins supported by the crypto platform before you make your choice.

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Fee structure

A number of platforms have hidden transaction fees and that might surprise you when you start your trading journey and start conducting activities on the platform. Make sure that you understand the fee structure of any platform you want to join. And keep in mind that different platforms have different fee structures.

User interface and user experience

To make your trading experience smoother and more enjoyable look for a platform that you feel comfortable using and is easy on your eyes as well as your mind, that is of course if you the checklist above is fulfilled. The user interface can make or break your journey with crypto trading. You will be spending hours using the platform, it must be one that is easy to use. Customer service plays a huge role in the customer experience as well. Therefore, read reviews and industry expert reports that will help a lot.

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