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Lamborghini Enters the NFT World: The Carbon Fiber 'Space Key'

Updated: Jan 26

Lamroghini the Italian manufacturer of luxury sports cars and SUVs based in Sant'Agata Bolognese announced to their 31 million followers on Instagram a brief about their upcoming NFT project.

The Space Key - Lamborghini Official Website

Lamborghini enters the world of NFTs with an artwork accessible through the Lamborghini Space Key. The Lamborghini Space Key is are five pieces of carbon fiber that went to the International Space Station in 2019, where they were used in some kind of joint research project. Lamborghini was involved, but the supercar company doesn't mention details of the research. In any case, the carbon fiber came back to Lamborghini, which added QR codes to five squares, each linking to an NFT artwork that can only be accessed via the “Key”.

What makes the “Key” so special? Apart from the fact that it is produced by one of the most sought after cars brands in its category, the Keys are re made from material that has been to actual space. The Space Keys are made from samples of carbon fiber Lamborghini sent to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2019 as part of a joint research effort.

It is still unknown what kind of digital media is tied to the Lamborghini NFTs, neither the artist/s identity. The company will also announce in the near future about which auction house will be selling these items.

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