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How To Invest In Reddit - What Will Happen When It Becomes A Public Company

Reddit is one of the most popular websites online. With millions of users, it has become a hub for news, discussions, and memes. In the past, Reddit was only available to those with a subscription or paid membership. But now that Reddit is considering going public, reddit's future will change drastically. What will happen when this happens? What are the benefits and drawbacks for both investors and users? Will it impact how people use the site? We explore these questions in this blog post.

What will happen when Reddit becomes a public company?

The decision of whether or not to become a public company is monumental, but the consequences of this decision are unclear.

On one hand, it will give reddit a chance to raise more capital and continue its growth as a business. On the other hand, it may mean that certain features which have been an integral part of Reddit will be removed in order to accommodate investors. One such feature that may be impacted is the "Reddit Gold" subscription service, which was implemented in 2011.

Regardless of what happens when reddit becomes a company, there are both benefits and drawbacks for investors and users alike. The only thing that is for certain is that we can expect changes in how people use Reddit going forward.

Benefits for investors

Investors have a lot to gain from the changes that are coming with Reddit. For starters, it will be easier to get in and out of the stock market if you have a stake in some shares of Reddit.

But what's more important is that the public market will allow for more competition with regards to advertising. This will be good for advertisers as well as content contributors on Reddit.

Ultimately, we should expect that this shift will allow for better content to be presented on Reddit. Keep an eye out for this!

Benefits for users

There are a few benefits that some users may enjoy if reddit is publicly traded.

First, users will be able to see the company's financials and how the business progresses. That way they'll know exactly what they're investing in.

Second, with a publicly traded company, it will also give investors protection against fraud or insider trading. Investors can learn more about their investments and what they're buying into. This makes it easier to know if the investment is worth it or not.

Finally, with a publicly traded company and better transparency, there will be less risk of future lawsuits. This could mean less risk for those who invested in the company too!

Reasons why we think this won't impact how people use the site

The question of what Reddit is going to be like after it goes public has been hotly debated. There are people who believe that it will be the same as it was before, but with an increased financial burden. The other side argues that it will change how the site works and has a different focus.

On the upside, there's a possibility that a larger number of advertisers will use Reddit to promote their products, leading to higher revenue for the company. But on the downside, there's also a chance that the site could become more commercialized and lose its user-friendly feel.

There have been mixed opinions about what Reddit will be like after going public. We believe it won't impact how people use the site because many users have already started using Reddit in ways that aren't related to ads or subscriptions. For example, some users continue to post interesting links from other sites and discuss them in subreddits dedicated to specific topics with no ads or subscriptions. It seems like most people are still using Reddit just as they did before, so we don't think this change is going to have any significant impact on how people use the site.

Why would Reddit go public?

Many people have been wondering why Reddit would go public. If Reddit were to go public, it would be able to raise funds from investors and the stock market. As a result, it could grow and expand its services.

The company filed for an IPO in September 2017 with a goal of raising $200 million. But since its last update on January 18th, the company has yet to decide what it will do with the potential funding. This raises many questions about why the company is waiting so long to make a decision and if it even plans on going public at all.

As a result of this uncertainty, some people have theorized that the company might not go public after all. They think that the uncertainty caused by this limbo period has led them to rethink their plan entirely and abandon going public altogether.

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