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Decentralized Autonomous Organizations: An Efficient and Safe Way to Work in a Global Group

Updated: Jan 6

Cryptocurrency's underlying technology & infrastructure platform are evolving at a fast rate. In all the brief price volatility, traders should not lose track of these moving fundamentals. The development of decentralized autonomous organizations, or DAOs, is one of the most significant advances in bitcoin.

What is a DAO?

DAO is also known as a decentralized autonomous organization is a transparent organization that is administered by its members rather than a central administration. DAOs are internet-native organizations that are member-owned and managed and only members have access to their private accounts.

Proposals are voted on by the group over time. A blockchain is used to track money transactions and software rules in a DAO. DAOs are an excellent way to work with individuals all across the globe.

How do DAOs work?

A DAO's smart contract is its foundation. The contract involves the group's cash and establishes its regulations. Once the Ethereum contract is live, only a vote can modify the rules (because smart contracts on Ethereum are tamper-proof and everything is public, so the code can not be altered according to DAO rules).

Trying to accomplish anything that isn't covered by the code's rules and logic will fail. The smart contract also defines the treasury, so no one could spend money alone without the group's agreement. DAOs don't require a centralized power. As a result, payments are automatically allowed when votes pass.

How can One become a DAO member?

To join a DAO, people must first buy its tokens. Holding the asset offers users the ability to vote on plans/proposals & changes proportionally to their holdings. DAO membership may be divided into two types.

  1. Token-based membership

  2. Share-based membership

Some DAO examples:

● The very first DAO was Bitcoin as it operates independently, has pre-programmed rules, and is regulated by a proof-of-work consensus process. Token holders are incentivized to operate in the network's best interest since a rising Bitcoin price benefits everyone.

● DASH is well-known as one of the best examples of DAO the organization behind the DASH tokens, the crypto presently ranked 79 by market capitalization. DASH features a completely decentralized and independent governance system, allowing stakeholders to vote on how project funds should be used.

● The DAOstack, an open-source project focusing on developing decentralized governance frameworks, is another example of a DAO. It provides entirely decentralized, autonomous business models in which smart contract algorithms replace each company function. DAOstack is used as a ready-to-use blueprint for establishing decentralized autonomous organizations.

JennyDAO is a non-fungible token-based decentralized organization. This DAO offers NFT fractional ownership, with smart contracts controlling the organization's NFT vault and members overseeing their purchase.

What are the opportunities to invest in DAO?

  • BeetsDAO is a wonderful DAO investment. It is a 58-person community that is enamored with all music-based NFTs. Money is pooled for group investments through BeetsDAO. It also procured new music and art. In March, the DAO acquired four unique EulerBeats Enigma NFTs produced by algorithms. Soon after, they produced, released, and sold the "Nyan Dogg" NFT, a collaboration between the first Nyan Cat artist and Snoop Dogg. Nyan Dogg made about $250,000. Musicians and NFTs that generate money from their passion

  • BitDAO is a DAO rarity. Investors like Alan Howard and Founders Fund have contributed over $2.5 billion. As a way to diversify its resources, the corporation may contribute cash or lead token swaps. To enable DAO treasury engagement in operations like staking and lending, Kevin Rose said through Telegram. As part of the Web3 initiative, BitDAO is building an ecosystem of autonomous entities (AEs) backed by the BitDAO treasury. Bybit, a Singaporean derivatives crypto has also backed the DAO. Bybit estimates this to be approximately $1 billion annually.

  • Decentraland's 90,000 virtual units are self-governing. Decentraland DAO is a homeowner and municipal planning committee. The main difference is instead of elected politicians, everyone has virtual property voting power. Land management via dclconnect earned 48 yes votes & 1 negative vote. In the virtual world, the yes votes have 10,125,615 voter power. Despite its small size of 9 square miles, its sales have raised eyebrows. MANA was valued at $4.3 billion. A Decentraverse area sold for $2.43 million to a Metaverse Group, a Tokens.com developer.

  • PleasrDAO, a decentralized network of NFT artists and collectors, had a great first year. In March, the DAO bought an NFT of an illustrated Uniswap advertisement by Pplpeasr for $525,000. For the lone Wu-Tang Clan album “Previously Upon a Time in Shaolin” originally owned by “pharma bro” Martin Shkreli, the group paid $5.5 million for an NFT sold by Edward Snowden, which was then the fourth-best-selling NFT ever. And the Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection was another remarkable acquisition.

Future prediction about DAO:

The ongoing rise of mainstream institutional investment in DAOs indicates industry growth. It also shows the potential for wider adoption, posing a threat to existing firms and institutions. Rarible, the first group controlled by a non-fungible token platform, is ranked the largest DAO globally with $157 million money under control according to DeepDAO data on July 6, 2021.

Turley(an American lawyer, legal researcher, and author who teaches at George Washington University Law School) proposes that future mega-popular & profitable enterprises could be DAOs. According to him, the next Facebook-like corporation will be a DAO rather than an LLC. Many other experts agree that DAO has a promising future. Joining a DAO, or community, according to Syndicate protocol developer Ian Lee, is like joining a digital tribe, complete with status.


A DAO maintains a network safe and efficient without direct user input. Participants are not tied by a formal contract, but by native asset tokens that enable them to work together. DAOs are used for investing, philanthropy, fundraising, borrowing, and buying NFTs. DAOs let companies reach a larger audience of investors & raise large sums of money. It's a beneficial option since you may contact investors worldwide. Your smart contract might include member-specific conditions for firm security.

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