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5 Growing NFT Startups Taking Over the World

Updated: Jan 22

NFTs as art rarities remain very popular, and there are now dozens of new programs aiming to bring both functionality and actual value to the sector. While NFTs are expected to find utility in digital identification, healthcare, and now even insurance purposes, the focus is on whether NFTs will begin to operate in the same way as conventional interest-bearing assets. Providing investors with a two-sided reward both in terms of future intangible value and as a concrete asset that delivers income for its owner. The NFT market cap climbed by 2,100% during the first half of 2021 reached $2.5B.

A new generation of NFT startups is aggressively researching and pursuing this field. These businesses already have hundreds and thousands of investors on their platforms & handle deals worth millions of dollars.

The following list contains rapidly developing companies that are making a difference in the NFT world:

Legends Of Crypto:

It is a cool new NFT collectible & trading card game built on top of a decentralized blockchain and backed by Ethereum & Matic Networks. Legends of Crypto is one token-powered cards game where players may win a variety of items that can then be exchanged for bitcoin. The firm is now in pre-revenue and beta testing with a small set of users. It was created in the year 2021 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and it has received around $1.2 million in funding (Early Stage VC).

Yield Guild

It is one decentralized autonomous organization (DEO) to create the greatest virtual world economy. It intends to accomplish its goal by creating a society of play-to-earn players that game to earn & collect token incentives. Over two investment rounds, Yield Guild's mission has gathered capital from over 40 investors. It was established in the year 2020, with headquarters in Manila, Philippines. The funding for the startups is $22.4 million.


It is a computer engineering firm that specializes in the development of blockchain-powered infrastructures. The business has worked on several NFT projects, in which they have created anything from token launches to whole marketplaces and everything between. The success of the firm has garnered financing from global behemoths including MasterCard, JPMorgan Chase, and UBS, to mention a few. The company was founded in 2014, with headquarters in New York, New York. The company's funding is $275 million.

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs): Current and Future Use Cases


It is a first in the use of blockchain for digital asset verification and certification. Their award-winning authentication solution also allows for the rapid creation of NFTs. According to PitchBook, the company's goal is to complete a Series A investment round by 2022. They empower creators by providing them with the tools they need to appear professional & sell more work. It was created in 2015, with headquarters in Long Beach, California. The funding is around $3 million.


It is a company that is built on its developed blockchain technology. They want to utilize it to create what they name Time Capsule NFT. The concept was that the Time Capsules will allow users to encrypt, store, and transport data more quickly and securely. In August 2021, the business began producing its first Time Capsules. It enables the NFT owner to completely manage data access. They are firm believers in decentralized governance and the secrecy of all users. It was created in the year 2013, with headquarters in Biarritz, France. The startup funding is around $3.8M.


Many companies are altering the game, and more are on the way. This innovation is critical in increasing the technology's acceptance and popular appeal, which will help the blockchain sector as a whole. The more new firms that discover new applications for NFTs, the more multilayered the number of users will grow.

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