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5 Branding Trends we can expect in 2022

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

Visual feel that a brand emanates has become extremely important with the advancement in Digital Marketing. There are multiple avenues for companies to portray their brands capitalize on these marketing trends and opportunities. One way to keep your brand and business up and running is to keep up with branding trends. Companies need to keep up with latest trends to ward off negative perception of users. Here’s a list of expected branding trends for 2022.

Logo Adaptability

With digital marketing being one of the most important means of branding, one needs to make sure their logo looks awfully nice in any social media post/video. One can also try having a shape shifting logos. It means you can adapt your master logo as per your different versions of products. For example, for newspaper advert we can use full logo whereas for a Facebook ad we can strip it to its simple brand element. We can already see multinational firms using this strategy.


Minimalism is already one of the best branding trends of the decade. Most of market consumers want direct communication and put minimal of efforts to understand a brand. Top brands are ditching fancy fonts and over the top creativity for a minimal logo with basic just basic elements. Many of these logos are wordmark logs with strong and simple typeface. Minimalism increases branding efficacy and makes the application of logo easy. We are pretty hopeful that Minimalism would be the go-to trend for digital branding in 2022.

Social Media

Social Media is a huge consumer market with a lot of potential. Many brands are now trying to milk the arising opportunities on social media. Considering the time an average person spends on social media, using it as marketing and branding tool seems inevitable. A synchronized social media plan and its execution would the way for digital branding in 2022. Your social media content, posing frequency even ad campaigns would vary for different social media platforms. Online communities, hashtags, campaigns and social media influencers might be parts where brands need to grow themselves in. Social Media might funnel your brand success in 2022 so you should prepare yourself for this.


In these times you can’t jeopardize your brand image by not being inclusive. You really don’t want to receive the backlash on social media for not being inclusive enough and missing out opportunities. It can come in any form of color, race, sexuality, or religion. You must be thoughtful of your branding campaign as one bad move can go viral instantly leaving you in a quagmire of problems. Try to incorporate inclusivity In your brand image and idea. Even biggest brands just Victoria’s Secret had to go through extensive criticisms for not being inclusive enough. Being inclusive would help you grow your brand digitally in 2022.


Memes are the new way of digital branding in 2022. They are cheeky, goofy and funny way of responding to current affairs and events. Memes have become from an internet subculture to mainstream way of communication. Due to their universality, you can use meme to spread your message across globe using social media platforms. You can get your message to your new audience in a very effective way. Get a memer who makes your striking memes which gets all the shares, retweets and upvotes. Use the power of memes in 2022 in your email newsletters, social media and in blogs.


Tying all these elements together is important because good branding requires planning and consideration across many different areas. It's not enough to just have a logo and put it out into the world without considering what else needs to happen for it to make an impact on potential customers.

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